The Golf Academy at Salem Glen

US Kids Golf

Starting March 1, 2023, we will be starting our new flagship Jr Golf Program.  Our goal through this program is to bring the love of the game to every player that is able to participate.  This will be accomplished by structured and organized practices, playing games that are designed to bring fun to the players while learning a new skill and on course testing that allows players and parents to validate improvement.  

Each player will receive a hat with The Golf Academy at Salem Glen logo on the front that will be used to hold achievement pins that will be awarded after each skill is mastered.  Parents will also receive a take home booklet for each level that describes exactly what the player is learning and what the player can be working on at home to help achieve the skill pins.

Each week, there will be a regular practice during the week for one hour.  During this practice session, we will learn a new skill through explanation, demonstration and practice.  On Saturdays, we will have a combined practice session with like ages to continue their skill enhancements.  During the Saturday practices, we will play skill specific games to solidify the importance of each new skill.  Weekdays and Saturdays are also the days that we will award skill pins if specific skills are completed.

In addition, one Saturday a month we will have a skills test on the golf course for nine holes.  Parents are highly encouraged to participate during our Saturday skill test to caddy for and encourage your player.  

Fees and Pricing

Once per year Registration Fee for each player - $50.00 

Player Box - Includes hat, pins and book - $40/each level

Monthly Draft $109.00 (Academy Members $99.00)

On Course Skill test one Saturday per month.  Cost of this class is included in the Monthly draft.  

Parent cart fee for nine holes during skills test - $15.00

You can become an Academy Member for a one-time fee of $125.00

Simply go to the Schedule a lesson/Simulator page and look at the top of the page for Memberships.  Click on the membership tab and purchase the membership.  This is a one-time fee for the life of the Membership.

Schedule - March through October


4 pm - 5 pm Level One and Two

5 pm - 6 pm Level One and Two

6 pm - 7 pm Level Three and Four


4 pm - 5 pm Level Three and Four


4 pm - 5 pm Level One and Two

5 pm - 6 pm Level Five and Six


​4 pm - 5 pm Level Four thru Eight (Girls Only)

5 pm - 6 pm Level Seven and Eight


2 pm - 3pm Level One and Two

3 pm - 4 pm Level Three and Four

4 pm - 5 pm Level Five and Six

​5 pm - 6 pm Level Seven and Eight

How to sign up

Go to the Schedule a Lesson page.  Press the blue button and it will transfer you to a Scheduler.  Look at the top of the page for Gift Certificates.  Click and you will see the US Kids Registration Gift Certificate for $50.00.  Simply purchase and you are all set.  Contact me via e mail at and include your player's name, age and skill level.  Also, include the requested practice day and time.  I will reach out to you asap after receiving your e mail.

Winter Program

Lastly, starting in November, we will continue the winter program in the Coaches Cabin.  This program is designed for the players to continue their skills through the colder months via playing on the simulator inside the Cabin.  We will be playing games and courses throughout the winter.  This year, each class will be limited to 8 players each class and will last one hour each.  Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4, 5 and 6 pm.  The cost for the winter program is as follows.... You will choose one day and time to participate.  There will be four classes each month per player.

Monthly Draft $65.00 (Academy Members $55.00)