Richy’s golf career began in 2011 when he began working at Sapona Country Club. Richy started out as F&B help in the kitchen helping with banquets and events. One day he played a round of a golf and wasn’t satisfied with his performance and decided from that day forward he had to get better. From playing multiple sports growing up including D2 soccer at Catawba College and committing a lot of time to these sports he knew that taking the time commitment to get better would eventually result in better golf performance. This resulted in Richy slowly working his way into the Golf department as a cart attendant. Often working 6 hours a day and then spending the rest of daylight practicing his game allowed him to advance rather quickly in his skillset. Eventually Richy made his way into the Golf Shop and slowly started his roll as Assistant Golf Professional. Before making his way to Salem Glen Country Club as the 1st Assistant Golf Professional, Richy served a couple of months as Interim Head Golf Professional at Sapona. Upon Richy’s arrival to Salem Glen in 2020 is when his talents and golf knowledge really started to sprout. Being involved in a very active community has allowed him to learn many facets of the golf business and to be able to see several types of golfers on a daily basis. Richy currently serves as head of operations in the Golf Shop and is starting to expand his role at the club by becoming a member of the Teaching Academy. 

“Golf is about getting out of your own way”

Richy has a very simplistic approach to teaching golf and believes that in a game of many different facets and resources that keeping it as simple as possible is the best way to achieve fun and shoot better scores. His main priority when teaching is to get any golfer into a fundamental mindset and learn to “let go” and accept the results. Golf is a fundamental game of process and that is his focus when teaching others how to enjoy such a beautiful game.  Type your paragraph here.

The Golf Academy at Salem Glen

Teaching Professional Richy Gilbert